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Founded in 2017, the Movement DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization focused on exploring new social contract models. Believing that the individual is powerful and that together we are unstoppable.

  • Zero Funds Raised
  • Transparent Distribution
  • Fixed Supply
  • Open To Experimentation

The path to freedom is open to all through permissionless value creation. We have assembled and deployed the foundations of the DAO.

  • Shared Value Creation
  • Permissionless Participation
  • Ethereum Based
  • ERC-20 Compliant

These open-source tools deployed to the ethereum blockchain create bridges into our communities, promoting the public good and community enrichment.

We believe each of us has something to contribute, and we encourage members to explore new and exciting spaces and ideas. Connect and Create.

The ever-increasing digitalization brings with it both new benefits and issues. By focusing on the human roots of technology, the beneficial power of the internet can be fuel for positive social activity.

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A Brief Introduction to MVT & MDT

Foundations of the DAO


MVT is the currency of the DAO and integrates into everything we do. Initially airdropped to participates, the total supply of MVT is 3,000,000. To learn more, Click Here.

MDT controls the governance of the DAO. Offered through our Token Mint Dapp, 677,433 MDT were requested and created. To learn more, Click Here

This two token system controls the foundations and the future. Upgradeable and community-owned, The Movement DAO is open to All.

The Future is Bright.

Value and Governance

Decentralized Tools

Deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain Available to All Without Permission. Encrypted and Censorship Resistant.

Add Liquidity

A Trusted Open-Source Vision of Freedom on the Internet with Paradigm Shifting Value Extraction Methods.


A Roadmap to Self Sovereignty for All. Focused on New Social Contracts Hosted "On Chain".

"The Movement is a fully decentralized organization (FDO) for borderless collaboration that is collectively built from the ground up. Its decision-making and governance processes are completely distributed to all participants."

— The Movement Dao / Freedom Organization

Launch Movement DAO

Community Built - Aragon Framework - Upgradeable

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The Sovereignty of the Individual Powers the Collective.
Permissionless Value Creation For All Who Seek It.

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